poet, teacher, and dad from the Midwest


American Male

American Male
publication date: Tue Feb 01 2022
ISBN: 978-1-59948-917-9
Mainstreet Rag - 2022

A new chapbook available on Mainstreet Rag.

In the concentration of these pieces, our poet maneuvers through life—as bereaved, as father, as brother, as son—traversing narrative after narrative and landing, each time on poignancy, heartbreak, grief, epiphany. Steve Henn in American Male takes us through adolescent venoms into adulthood doubts, deaths, and dilemmas, asking “How In God’s Holy Name is This Boy Ever Going to Survive?” Henn then helps us, his readers unearth that amidst hurt and cruelty and high school, there’s a little hope, somehow, in the darkness: even if we search for it in strawberry pop or inside the St. Louis Arch. ~Erica Anderson-Senter, author of Midwestern Poet’s Incomplete Guide to Symbolism from EastOver Press, 2021